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World Martial Arts Center Reviews

  • Very professional, Master Kim is wonderful with the kids. He teaches them respect and self confidence with discipline and the kids love it. I highly recommend this program to every parent. I wish it had been available to my children. Master Kim thank you for being so wonderful with these children teaching them with such kindness and compassion.

    Susan Thornton Hickok
  • Eleven days and four years ago, I got my second degree black belt at Yorba Linda's WMAC. Thank you Master Kim for your hard work and dedication for us. I want to wish Masters Katayama and Shin all of the best. Despite my schedule, I have been busy and not attending so I want to wish students, families and friends the best. Keep doing what you are doing and remember Master Kim I am here for you.

    Bryan Nguyen
  • Master Kim and his crew are the absolute best. I've been taking my 5 yr old son, Andre', to his yorba linda branch for two yrs now. Master Kim is not only my son's Tae Kwon Do head master, but he's a mediator, a counselor, and a guardian of my boy guiding and pointing him in the right direction. Master Harder has also been a great influence on my boy. I'd recommend Master Kim's martial arts class to anyone I care about. You won't be disappointed in his teachings.

    Emee Bee
  • Recommend each of you who must join us, help you to become successful and healthy person, gaining your strengths, improving yours under all of tenets, pleasures, challenges, teams there but I love to do and watch all breaking woods, bricks, new things you will see them. See you there. (Remember no excuse, I am 50 yrs old to continue through each of black belt levels to become who Am I.YOU CAN DO IT for me.

    Stephanie Juge
  • We recommend World Martial Arts and Master Kim (plus the fabulous instructors) to everyone. Our kids have learned so much! High recommended.

    Kristi Morrison Davis

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