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World Martial Arts Center Reviews

  • Susan Thornton Hickok, World Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    Very professional, Master Kim is wonderful with the kids. He teaches them respect and self confidence with discipline and the kids love it. I highly recommend this program to every parent. I wish it had been available to my children. Master Kim thank you for being so wonderful with these children teaching them with such kindness and compassion.

    Susan Thornton Hickok
  • Bryan Nguyen, World Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    Eleven days and four years ago, I got my second degree black belt at Yorba Linda's WMAC. Thank you Master Kim for your hard work and dedication for us. I want to wish Masters Katayama and Shin all of the best. Despite my schedule, I have been busy and not attending so I want to wish students, families and friends the best. Keep doing what you are doing and remember Master Kim I am here for you.

    Bryan Nguyen
  • Emee Bee, World Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    Master Kim and his crew are the absolute best. I've been taking my 5 yr old son, Andre', to his yorba linda branch for two yrs now. Master Kim is not only my son's Tae Kwon Do head master, but he's a mediator, a counselor, and a guardian of my boy guiding and pointing him in the right direction. Master Harder has also been a great influence on my boy. I'd recommend Master Kim's martial arts class to anyone I care about. You won't be disappointed in his teachings.

    Emee Bee
  • Stephanie Juge , World Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    Recommend each of you who must join us, help you to become successful and healthy person, gaining your strengths, improving yours under all of tenets, pleasures, challenges, teams there but I love to do and watch all breaking woods, bricks, new things you will see them. See you there. (Remember no excuse, I am 50 yrs old to continue through each of black belt levels to become who Am I.YOU CAN DO IT for me.

    Stephanie Juge
  • Kristi Morrison Davis , World Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    We recommend World Martial Arts and Master Kim (plus the fabulous instructors) to everyone. Our kids have learned so much! High recommended.

    Kristi Morrison Davis

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